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What Is The Best Possible Local SEO Approach?

Although local SEO is often touted as a good way to boost your website’s web traffic, however, it’s also vital for smaller local companies to have an online presence as well. According to a recent study conducted by Bright Local, 80% of internet users use search engines to locate local information. When looking for a local business, customers are more likely to search keywords such as “dinner reservation,” or “laundry services.” By taking advantage of search engine optimization, a small business can significantly increase its online presence and improve sales.


With this in mind,

how does a small business owner go about optimizing their site? There are many different ways to accomplish success when optimizing your website for local searches. For example, using local search engine optimization (SEO) tools can greatly benefit your business. These tools will allow you to see which keywords are bringing in the most traffic for each search query. Then, you can incorporate these keywords into your website content or on your business cards to make your business much more visible to customers who are searching for a particular service or product. Local SEO also allows you to incorporate the specific regions where your customers live, making your website much more relevant to visitors.



before you spend valuable time and money on local SEO, you need to determine what exactly your website needs are. Although every small business has its unique niche or area of expertise, there are several general areas that most businesses fall into. To be successful with local SEO, your site should cater to at least some of these general topics. If it doesn’t, your site could end up being ignored or even penalized by search engines, meaning that all of your time and money spent on local SEO efforts would be fruitless.


For example,

many small businesses need local SEO strategies in order to gain a strong foothold in their target market’s neighborhoods. By having a website that targets a particular geographic area, businesses can create awareness of their service area, build brand recognition, and tap into key demographics. Building awareness is one thing; brand recognition is another. If you can help your potential customers know who you are and what you do, they are more likely to seek out your services and purchase your products or pass along your information to family and friends.


Beyond focusing on specific geographic areas,

many small businesses realize that they can gain more exposure for their business by participating in social media marketing. For example, many restaurants have Twitter accounts or Facebook pages that can be used to post unique promotions, news blurbs, specials, and discounts. Smaller businesses can also take advantage of social media outlets like Yelp and Foursquare to feature coupons and specials in their restaurants that local searchers may be more likely to share with friends. A well-designed local SEO strategy will include a variety of social media outlets that can help boost online visibility and attract potential customers to your business. The more methods that you have at your disposal to generate traffic and promote your business, the better chance you have of making it to the top of the search engine rankings.


Because search engine optimization

is such an essential part of the online promotion process, many small business owners neglect to take full advantage of mobile searches. Although Google has cracked down on the bad behavior of prank phone calls, prank calls, and false advertising by businesses, mobile users are still susceptible to these practices. By taking advantage of mobile searches through apps and websites like Google Places, Google Maps, and Yahoo Maps, business owners can ensure that their websites appear high in the search results pages whenever mobile users conduct a local search. This is important because the algorithms that form the basis of popular search engine rankings are largely based on the volume of traffic that a site attracts from mobile devices.

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