what is an employment lawyer?

Protect Your Rights With an Employment Lawyer

An Employment Lawyer is a lawyer that deals with all sorts of different employment-related issues. Labour law is also called industrial law. This body of law encompasses all of the legislation that governs how an employer can run their business and interact with their employees as well as how an employee can work within the organisation. The main areas of this law are personal/property law, employment law, collective bargaining law, employment contract law, harassment law, discrimination law and labour law.


Labour law mediates the relationship between employees

employers, trade unions and the state. Collective bargaining law refers to any agreements or contract between employer, employee and trade union which sets out terms of employment and other employment-related information. Individual labour laws concern the right of employees to join a union and to bargain collectively for the working conditions of their workplace. There are also Harassment and discrimination in the workplace area.


It is now illegal for private landlords to discriminate

against prospective tenants based on religion, national origin, colour, sexual orientation and age in Brooklyn. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in any way then you must let Brooklyn Employment Lawyer assists you in making a claim. It is illegal for an employer to reject an applicant based on race, religion, national origin or disability. As an employee, it is also illegal for an employer to make any employee do any work above what the employee is capable of doing.


A recent case in Brooklyn involved an employee

who was wrongly terminated from his job? The employee was suing his former employer for wrongful termination because he felt he was discriminated against due to his disability. In this case, it was determined that the employer in fact violated the Americans with Disabilities Act because the employer failed to make reasonable accommodation for the disabled employee.


Employment attorneys have a lot of experience

in dealing with cases such as this and other similar employment-related issues. It is important for employees to let their Brooklyn Employment Lawyer knows if they have any complaints or are thinking of filing a case. It is vital that all appropriate accommodations be made and that any damages that could be awarded be properly assessed. Employment attorneys in Brooklyn are prepared to work with employers and employees to ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly and have their rights respected.


The labour laws

that are contained within the Employee Retirement Income Services Act, or ERI, protect employees from being discriminated against when it comes to their employment. Laws such as these can make life much easier for employees who need to protect their interests. With the help of an experienced Brooklyn employment lawyer, an employee can receive fair treatment in the workplace.

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