what are the Best Concealable Body Armor?

The Best Concealable Body Armor

Body armor has been around for decades and years but it was not until recently that manufacturers started using more advanced technology to increase the effectiveness of their products. The use of tungsten in their products is what brought about a new level of concealment for the wearer. The harder the material used the better the armor would be able to withstand the force applied to it and prevent the penetration of the penetrator through the hard plates. The heavier the load that is being applied to the plate, the stronger it would be able to withstand any force and remain intact during the penetration test.


There are some choices in the types of body armor that you can use. The first choice that you will have is between a hard plate and a soft palate. Both of these types of body armor are effective but the hard plate is going to be better for those situations where the person could be shot at close range. For example, law enforcement officers often use this type of body armor to wear when they are working in crowded areas. The softer plate on the other hand is good for those situations where the attacker could be coming at you from a long distance. So the two main options are the hard and soft armor body armor but how do you know which one would be the best concealable armor for your situation.


A concealable vest

is the best way to go for those times when you need the armor but you do not want to show it off in public. Since most people do not wear vests in public, you do not want to show up in a tank top with jean pants and a fishnet stocking. There are several styles of concealable armor available such as a full cover plate or a cover chest plate. You can also choose the color that you want as well. Many women opt for the traditional pink color while others pick out various patterns and colors.


If you do not have a choice but to wear something like a concealable vest

or plate then you should buy the best concealable body armor you can afford. This type of armor will be the most effective at stopping many types of dangerous attacks including handguns, knife attacks by other violent criminals. The main reason that these kinds of armor are so popular is that they are very effective in stopping even larger weapons such as rifles. If you can afford the money then make sure that you get a high-quality vest. Cheap vests are typically made from inferior material and will not offer you any real protection. For more information on finding the best concealable armor make sure you check out my site listed below.


Some people prefer to use a combination of plates

and steel ghillie suits. This is considered the best concealable body armor on the market today. It is a little more expensive than the average vest but it is worth every penny. Ghillie suits work great because they are highly concealable and are extremely effective at stopping attackers. To learn more about this type of armor I encourage you to check out my website listed below.


Lastly, if you don’t want to get a vest

then you can always just use your jacket. Your jacket is your best chance of protecting yourself from attackers that are much bigger than you. If you want to learn more about this please visit the links below. They will give you all the information you need to start choosing the right vest for you. Good luck!

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