Solar Energy Systems – Producing Free Electricity?

Solar Energy Systems are an efficient way to produce energy for your home. There are many ways that you can harness solar energy. One simple way to use a solar energy system is by positioning solar panels on your roof. Solar energy comes from the rays of the sun shining on your house. Solar energy comes in many forms, such as direct sunlight, which can physically see and feel it, and indirect sunlight, which is felt but can’t actually be seen.

Solar power plants

Solar power plants have been powered by solar energy systems for a long time. The first known solar power plant was started back in the 1930s by Reinhart Strasser. The original intention of these plants was to create a large amount of free electricity, using the same production process as nuclear weapons research during World War II. Today solar power stations continue to produce free electricity and have many different applications.

Solar technology has continued to grow with the advancement of science and technology. The solar energy systems available to consumers today continue to improve the way that they are made. With so many options available in the marketplace today, it can get overwhelming when trying to choose something. Some people go with a passive solar energy solution. This type of system produces no electricity; instead, it is all power supplied from renewable sources.

A passive solar energy system consists of flat mirrors that are in a configuration where the reflective surface of the mirrors faces directly into the sunlight. In order to capture the sunlight, a thin film of silicon is placed on the top of the mirror. Panels are then installed on the roof and angled so that the rays of the sunlight hit the solar panels. The power that is produced is direct current solar electricity.


Energy System


Solar panel technology continues to advance with the use of photovoltaic cells. These cells convert light energy directly into electricity with the use of a process called Photosynthesis. By using this process plants are able to create energy for themselves. Passive solar energy systems work well with this system because the panels are not visible to the naked eye.

Solar thermal energy systems are effective and efficient when used to heat hot water. Since sunlight consists of nearly all the energy given off by the sun, solar thermal energy systems can be used to generate electricity for your home. During the day, the sun shines upon the ground and heats the soil. During the night, when there is no sun the ground remains cold. Through the use of a hot water heating system, the ground is heated and is used to store water.

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