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Real-Time Manufacturing Strategies Improves Customer Satisfaction

An industry niche may be defined as a new application of a technology already in use. Therefore, technology that has been used in one industry and adapted for use in another industry is considered to be an industry niche. For example, computer chips have been used in computers and mobile phones for many years, while motorcycles have been adapted from the engine technologies used in commercial automobiles. The auto industry has now moved on to new technologies that will enable cars and trucks to be able to drive off the forecourt and into the city. This is called mobility.


The automotive industry

is in the business of supplying cars and trucks to consumers all around the world. The auto industry niche is very big because there are many different types of cars, trucks, and minivans to choose from. For an automotive industry niche to become profitable there needs to be a large demand for a particular type of car or truck. Otherwise, the supply chain cannot move to provide the increased volume of demand. Therefore, if the supply chain can’t shift to meet the increased demand, then no business can make money in this industry.


If the automotive industry

can find a way to use technology to improve its overall customer satisfaction, then it will be able to expand its customer base substantially. One way this can happen is by improving customer satisfaction through an industry-wide campaign to improve product quality, including with an industry-wide free ebook. By improving product quality it will be easier to attract new customers.


An ebook on real-time manufacturing

which is included in the free ebook about real-time manufacturing should include an analysis of the problems and opportunities that exist with implementing this approach in the automotive industry. In this report, we will discuss some real-time manufacturing challenges that exist today. We will also examine some potential industry changes which could occur as a result of the strategies implemented. After reading this report, you will understand why it may be beneficial to implement these strategies today.


A critical success factor for many manufacturers

is the ability to build prototypes and quickly bring new designs to production. Unfortunately, many manufacturers find this to be very difficult to achieve because of the long lead times required to develop new designs. It takes time to design and test a new design, creates a test batch, produces samples, and finally build the prototype. Because it takes such a long time to get new designs to production, many automotive industry owners are finding it difficult to meet their desired deadlines. A free book about real-time manufacturing should include an analysis of the difficulties faced by other manufacturers which have successfully implemented this strategy.


Another problem facing manufacturers

is customer service. Although it is important to have excellent customer service, customers are becoming less patient with companies that take too long to resolve problems. The analysis should focus on increasing customer satisfaction which should be accomplished by eliminating common problems such as long lead times, inaccurate shipping times, and poor product quality. By providing customers with accurate information, manufacturers which are successful in real-time manufacturing solutions will be able to dramatically reduce the average lead time to a maximum of 15 minutes.

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