how to improve Energy-Efficient Home?

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

WHY GLASS TOE? For over 60 years, Bison Insulation consistently has been making homes quieter and more energy efficient with good quality insulation. Today, with today’s sharp increases in both the price of heating and air conditioning, many individuals are asking themselves how they can save money on their energy costs by making their residences more energy efficient and energy conscious. This article will provide some simple pointers to begin making your home more energy-efficient.


Sliding glass doors, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom

are very important when considering how to be more energy-efficient. With energy efficiency regulations are becoming stricter by the day, a homeowner needs to take action. Sliding glass doors help to insulate your home and keep warm or cool air inside during the summer and winter, respectively. Sliding glass doors that have been properly insulated will also prevent outside air from entering the house, creating a draft. With drafts, warm air and heat can escape, which can be extremely costly in terms of energy consumption and expensive on the heating bill.


Another very popular solution offered

by Bison in regards to helping to make homes more energy efficient is the installation of fiberglass door insulation. Fiberglass is an excellent insulator and great at keeping the heat in instead of letting cold air in. Because fiberglass is not combustible, it is a safer choice than many other materials for insulating your home. By using spray foam insulation on your interior walls, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption by as much as 20%! Spray foam is an excellent method of insulating for numerous reasons, including its effectiveness at keeping moisture out while keeping the warmth in.


One of the primary reasons that more homeowners

are choosing to make renovations to their homes or offices is to increase energy efficiency. Energy-efficient housing helps to reduce utility bills and the costs associated with improving your energy efficiency can often lead to significant upgrades to the inside of the home or office. When you invest in an energy-efficient renovation, you may also find that your overall enjoyment of the project is greatly increased. Many homeowners who choose to renovate find that the money they save on utility bills helps them pay off their renovation faster, which helps improve their lifestyles.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to both increase

the quality and the warmth of the air inside your home or office, you might want to consider upgrading your existing roof. Most people who live in houses with single-ply roofs have little to no insulation between their shingles and the roof. This means that heat is not properly transferred throughout your home or into the air that is inside. Improving the insulation on your roof will help your overall energy efficiency, which will help your homeowner’s savings.


Similarly, you can invest in new, more efficient windows

if you’d like to make improvements to your house’s heat loss. Windows is typically one of the largest energy users in a home, due to its large size and use. Typically, homeowners choose to install new windows to increase the overall efficiency of their homes. As your windows become more efficient, your utility bill will reflect this saving on top of any other improvements you make to the house. A well-insulated home is less at risk of heat loss, so updating your windows should be considered a high priority when it comes to improving your homeowner’s energy efficiency.

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