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how make money In The Utility Industry?

Making Money In The Utility Industry

As a Utility Bidders & Appraiser, I am always amazed at the number of people who don’t even know what a utility bidder is. A utility bidder is someone who seeks to buy or sell energy contracts for commercial, industrial, and domestic clients. An example of this could be a plumber looking for new work, an electrician looking for a new contract, or a construction worker looking for new contracts.

Utility Costs are an ever-increasing component

of any company’s overheads; we aim to reduce these costs by providing comprehensive services to all our customers. This statement is from one of my favorite speakers, Mark Wells; it is quite true. We as a company will do anything in our power to reduce the costs we incur; as a result, we will strive to keep the price down on every single one of our products or services. Not only can we do this by finding better uses for every item we buy; we can also keep the price down by ensuring that we provide our customers with the very best value for money. Just remember one thing though, every single penny counts these days.

“A fair price is the foundation of success.”

This quote is from a rather unlikely source but it does sum up the ethos of most people within the trades industry. So many people tend to think that the price they pay for something is its overall worth, but I have seen a lot of businesses ruined by greediness. I think in this instance the quote above would be more applicable to people looking to buy commercial energy contracts; not necessarily their overall price.

We are all individuals with our own set of beliefs and goals.

The important thing is to identify yours and set clear and realistic targets along the way. This is from one of my favorite motivational speakers. We are all individuals and what we want out of life is usually very similar. Finding the path that is right for you is often the hardest thing to do but if you have a clear idea of what your wants and needs are along with a set of goals you will be much more likely to get there.

“Don’t always expect what you can have”

This is very true in the world of business. We all know that it is fine to dream big but sometimes the limitations of what we can achieve stop us. There will be times when the finances might not allow us to go any further with a particular project so remember to stay optimistic and know that sometimes things will come together even when it seems they are falling apart. More often than not we will find that what started as a dream will turn out to be a reality sooner or later.

Utility bidders

need to understand that the bids they place could make or break a project. If the price they pay is too high they will not get a lot of business; however, if they offer a lower price they will be able to take on more work and therefore increase their profits. It comes down to the strategy adopted by the utility bidders.

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