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Hotel Tech – Hotels and Travel Industry Talk of 2009

Hotel Tech Report is an innovative technology-driven media organization that assists entrepreneurial hoteliers to find the most cutting-edge technology tools to resolve issues with their business, and then grow their business. In recent years there has been an increasing trend for hotels to implement technology in all aspects of operations. This includes room service, digital signage, mobile computing, and much more. Hoteliers have traditionally overestimated the power of new technology but this age is finally coming to an end. Today’s technology tools are capable of doing more than the traditional staples of hotel service. The following article will discuss what Hotel Tech Report can do for your business.


The first issue I discuss in this article

is hotel tech has evolved into a general term used by many industry watchers. “Hotel tech” can encompass a wide variety of things. One might argue that hoteliers should be reviewing all aspects of their operations, and hotel tech software solutions would fall into that category. However, I would argue that the term is too broad. Hotel tech solutions should definitely include applications that focus on and support all aspects of the hotel industry.


Many hoteliers make the mistake of jumping

into new technology products without paying attention to how they will fit into their operations. A good example of this is discussing signage with their property manager or with a local architect. After which, the hoteliers may realize that the new signage will not only require modifications to all current signage but will need to be reviewed and approved for compliance by the local government as well. Without proper planning and the attention to detail that is necessary, implementing new technology products in the hotel industry can create unforeseen problems for hoteliers. To avoid this issue, the following points should be considered.


First, any discussion about hotel new technology

must begin with an assessment of what the industry trends are today. This begins with understanding current hotel operating techniques. Hotels regularly evaluate their efficiency during the day, especially in terms of room service, lobby service, housekeeping, valet parking, concierge, among others. In my experience, the biggest areas for improvement are in-house customer service, operational productivity, and environmental cleanliness. The following are some hot trends in the hospitality industry:


Second, any discussion of new hotel tech

should also consider the impact that changes in guest experience hospitality technology providers may have on their bottom line. In this regard, hoteliers need to note that many of these technological solutions are very expensive. Therefore, any significant technological change that impacts guest satisfaction or substantially raises the costs of running the hotel can harm revenue. A quick tip for the smart hotelier: If a new technology product does not add a measurable benefit to the bottom line, it probably should be modified or removed from the plan altogether.


Last, I’d like to provide a brief note on “Covid-19”

– a travel and leisure industry initiative that provides standards for digital devices that must be included in all electronic devices provided at any travel destination. As part of the effort, Covid-19 certified travel manufacturers have developed a set of six consumer-friendly standards that can be used by any travel company to measure product performance. In my experience, most hoteliers are already familiar with some of these components, so it might make for an interesting conversation if you attend a travel show where representatives from Covid-19 are speaking!

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