Energy Efficient Appliances Helps Save Water And Power – A Guide

Whether you enjoy spending time in your kitchen or not, you can definitely make your kitchen an energy-efficient place with an energy-efficient appliance. With Energy Star-rated appliances you can feel confident that what you’re buying is truly efficient and safe to use. New Energy Star-rated refrigerators come in an array of sizes and get lots of handy features to please you. There are also Energy Star combo units, and if you don’t want to waste both time and money on a brand new refrigerator, there are Energy Star milder versions.

But before you go shopping for your new appliance, here are some tips on energy saving appliances:

* Stay away from brand name home appliances and brands that have been on the market for many years. Energy-Efficient products are not expensive, so why spend more on a brand name than on an energy-efficient version? If you buy an Energy Star refrigerator from a reputed company like Amana, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, or Bosch, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by at least 30%.

* Make sure that the Energy Star label is clearly visible on the appliance. Older Energy Star-rated products may have stickers or small signs on them that say, “Rated Energy Consumption Up to 600 watts.” These Energy Star appliances won’t consume as much electricity but they still won’t be as energy efficient as newer products that have an Energy Star logo on them. It is important that you keep this kind of label on your appliances because it helps to educate people about energy efficiency.

* Choose appliances that are specially designed to cut down on your electric bills and to be more energy efficient. These kinds of home appliances don’t just help in reducing or eliminating your electric bill. They also help in preventing global warming which is a very serious problem. Global warming is one of the biggest threats faced by the human race. By using Energy Star rated home appliances and other green technologies, you will not only help reduce your carbon footprint but also protect the environment for future generations.

* Energy-Efficient Clothes Washer: Energy-Efficient clothes washers use electricity rather than water and gasoline to power their motors. There are two kinds of Energy-Efficient clothes washers. The first is called a top-load laundry machine which is quite efficient and does not need a lot of water and energy to run. It is best suited for families who do not use a lot of detergents and for people who live in buildings with low ceilings.

To keep your clothes looking good and smelling good, it is important that you change them often. Using Energy-Efficient appliances helps save water and energy and this helps to extend the life of your clothes. Changing your dishwashers, clothes washers and other appliances every six months will significantly help you save water and energy and even cut down on the cost of your monthly utilities. If you are looking to reduce the overall costs of your utility bill, try to change at least some of your appliances every six months and take the energy-efficient technology as far as possible. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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