Dog-Friendly Cottage

Keep Your Dog-Friendly Cottage At The Beach

When you are a dog lover, you never want to leave your beloved four-footed companion in the doghouse come holiday time. A short break in a dog-friendly cottage is always perfect (sorry again) for ensuring that everyone can have fun and taking the entire family on a relaxing UK staycation. Such breaks can be arranged through the many different websites that cater to pet lovers and can even be incorporated into your budget.


Your starvation budget

will of course depend on your accommodation options as well as whether you are staying in a rustic cottage or if you prefer the comforts of your own home. Most cottage rentals are self-catering, with many offering all the amenities of home such as cable TV, mini-fridge, tea/coffee makers, beds, showers, and laundry facilities. A quick search on the internet will reveal a host of different options for dog-friendly cottages throughout the UK. Choose a cottage that is situated within walking distance of public transport as well as parks or other destinations of interest. Your dog will love being involved in the activities and will get much-needed exercise. If you are planning to bring your dog along on your trip, make sure that his accommodation is also dog-friendly.


Several pet-friendly cottages are available for rent

These are perfect for animal lovers who like to take their pets along on holiday breaks. Some pet owners will also hire a cottage for traveling during their vacation. The majority of dog-friendly cottages offer a selection of different rooms and amenities. Many offer amenities such as walk-in mini-fridges, television, beds, gardens, and more.


Dog-owners looking to book a staycation cottage

should ensure that they provide suitable accommodations for their animals. It is always best to choose a location that has easy access to shops, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. Pets and children alike will greatly benefit from spending time with their families while staying at a staycation holiday home. To ensure the best holiday experience, it can often be a good idea to let an experienced pet travel consultant choose the appropriate accommodations.


It is important to ensure that you create a great holiday atmosphere

for your starving pets. Choose holiday cottages that are close to fun activities or parks and ensure that they have enough toys and beds to keep them busy. Make sure that you have a variety of dog foods and water available when dogs and cats are staying at the cottage. If you are not planning to stay at the dog-friendly holiday property, consider how to provide basic care for your pets. For instance, if you are planning to take your dog on a regular weekend walk, consider taking him to dog-friendly walking spots throughout the neighborhood.


Even if your family decides to staycation at the beach

remember that dogs enjoy having fun in the water as much as humans do. If you choose a spot that has an ocean view or one that is surrounded by water, dogs will spend much of their time lying around playing with their toys or jumping on a boat. To ensure that you and your family make the most of your staycation at the beach, make sure that you provide suitable accommodations and the right supplies for your pets.

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