Compare Business Energy Prices Before You Choose A Supplier

If your business is serious about reducing your overall carbon footprint and implementing renewable energy solutions, Business Energy Pro may be the right option for you. When you engage in Business Energy Pro, you’ll partner with an experienced energy efficiency specialist who can analyze your individual business s energy data and deliver a customized tailored solution based on your specific business requirements. From there, they will work with the utility to determine the best approach to meeting your objectives. From there, the experts will make sure that your energy management solutions are implemented, tested and routinely reviewed. Once they’ve done this, you can look forward to reaping the many benefits that come from implementing sustainable energy strategies.

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There are many benefits that come when businesses utilize a comparison service to find the best way to improve their energy usage. A comparison service ensures that you get accurate, up-to-date information from a reliable third party. You can use a comparison service to find out how much money you can save each month on your monthly electricity bill, as well as the impact of incorporating renewable energy into your business’s operations. With these updated numbers, you can implement realistic plans for saving money and increasing your level of sustainability. When you work with a professional, you can take your business energy profile to the next level, saving both money and the environment.


Compared to the high cost of natural gas and electricity, the price of natural gas and electricity is more affordable for most businesses. However, a recent study showed that businesses are paying over half a penny per kilowatt hour for this energy usage. This figure includes the retail cost of delivering, maintaining and disposing of natural gas and electricity. Many companies are struggling financially because natural gas and electricity prices have continued to increase, even while the cost of energy itself has continued to drop.

As an expert in helping small businesses and medium businesses meet their energy needs, I often hear the same complaint from large business owners: “We could easily save two thirds of our annual budget if we were to implement a renewable energy programme.” With such a large proportion of businesses relying on imported fossil fuels, it makes perfect sense for them to look into greener options for their power needs. For example, many companies could significantly reduce their annual cost of operation if they switched to an on-grid system, with no outgoings to the utility company at all. This would allow them to dramatically increase the amount of electricity and gas that they used each month, even reducing the amount that they need to generate their own power. Switching to a green tariff with a leading supplier would give them a competitive rate and a reliable energy source.


When you compare business energy prices against these other forms of energy, you will find that switching to a new supplier will bring significant savings. For example, it costs around four or five cents per MWh when you generate your own power, compared to ten cents or more for gas and coal-fired systems. In addition, when you consider the safety and security of on-grid systems, it is obvious that a large business owner would be far better off generating their own power. After all, not only is it safer but it will also free up capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business. There are many attractive financial packages available, depending on how large your business is and what its needs are.

Once you have the initial quote, you can then customise the deal to suit your individual circumstances. For example, many suppliers now offer flexible tariffs which take into account the fluctuations in the electricity market. In this way, you can ensure that you always pay the lowest price for your monthly electricity usage. Switching to a supplier with the most competitive rate can make huge savings, but it is important that you work carefully and thoroughly through all the terms and conditions. You must make sure that you understand the tariffs and eligibility requirements, as well as the energy supplier’s reputation for reliability.

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