Choosing Your Shades For Protection and Style

Sunglasses are a common form of personal protective eyewear

Primarily designed to avoid bright sunlight and ultra-high-energy visible light (UV) rays from harmfully affecting or injuring the eyes. It is a common misconception that only the top-ranking athletes use sunglasses for protection, especially when they participate in sports that require them to be extremely alert in bright lights and to endure potentially harmful temperatures. A good eye care tip is that sunglasses can actually help keep your vision healthy and better focus, depending on the type of sunglasses being used. It is also advisable to wear sunglasses when outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, or any other activities where one’s eyes are at a higher risk for damage or injury.

Sunglasses that completely block out all visible sunlight are called completely UV-blocked sunglasses. These kinds of sunglasses are great to use during the daytime or when you are using computer equipment or any other device that gets its brightness from the sun’s rays. When these kinds of sunglasses are not in use, they allow some amount of light to pass through, but any bright light which hits the lenses will reflect off the UV-blocked lenses and give you a glare.

Polarized lenses are in favored

The term photochromatic lenses refers to sunglasses with special lenses that change their color depending on the intensity of UV light that hits them. Most photochromatic lenses have two to five colors depending on the amount of UV light that they are exposed to. Commonly seen in sunglasses which are worn by swimmers and divers, these lens colors are great for people who want to enjoy a colorful underwater environment while still protecting their eyes from the harsh conditions. However, many people favor using the regular black sunglasses when they are outdoors because it is believed to be the safest color in most situations. One thing to keep in mind with photochromatic lenses, though, is that their colors tend to fade over time.

Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are another kind of lens which are popular among sunglasses as they provide protection from both UV rays and Ultra-violet rays. These special lenses, however, work in a slightly different way than regular lenses. When you look at regular sunglasses, the tints which block some of the UV rays are generally opaque. With polarized lenses, though, you can see better visuals because they allow some of the ray’s energy to pass through.


Another type of lens which is commonly used for sunglasses is polycarbonate, which does not allow in many UV rays. Some people favor these sunglasses because they do not have any tinting like the regular plastic frame sunglasses, which makes them easier to spot and wear. Others, however, do not like polycarbonate because it does not offer very good vision. The drawbacks of polycarbonate include the fact that it can easily scratch when they are accidentally dropped, and they are not very comfortable, as they are made out of a hard material.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, you may want to try out gradient lenses, which tend to be reflective on account of their thickness. Because they reflect off the sunlight, they are not useful in direct sunlight, but they are ideal when you go swimming or near water. These types of sunglasses are great for bikers who often go on long biking trips where the sunlight may not be as strong as in a typical day. Gradient lenses are also available for people who want something to block most of the UV rays, but they do not have nearly as good visibility outdoors as polycarbonate or polarized lenses do. You can easily find these kinds of sunglasses in eye-wear stores, and you may prefer to buy them online, since these sunglasses are often more expensive.

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