5 Tips For Effective Promotional Giveaway Marketing

Giveaways are all about the giveaway

Promotional giveaways are perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book – they’re still just as efficient as ever. When done right, they can:

Increase your site traffic. When you have a well-designed website with a great deal of relevant information, people are more apt to come back. This will result in an increase in sales as well as a boost in the number of brand impressions. In addition, promotional giveaways add a touch of fun to an event. They make giveaways a unique form of entertainment that encourages guests to take part in activities on your site to win prizes.

Boost brand recognition

When people use promotional giveaways at an event, whether it’s a conference, trade show or special event, it raises the profile of your brand. The more exposure you get for your business, the better. This is especially important if you are offering travel products because people will be looking to buy travel items while they are at your event and your promotional giveaways will allow you to do so.

Create new leads. Just because you gave away free stuff at your event doesn’t mean you’re not leaving any of your customers out. Remember, promotional giveaways are a great opportunity to generate new leads. What you give away is information. You provide something of value that prospects will use to learn more about your business. They are exposed to your brand name and what it has to offer and this will create new prospects who are aware of what you have to offer.

Make use of your time

The best thing about promotional giveaways is that they are very easy to use. You don’t need to design a complicated program to get your visitors to sign up for your list or to make use of your links. Giveaways can be easily incorporated into any campaign, from email campaigns to social media marketing efforts to conventional direct mail campaigns.

Promotional Giveaways are the best things you can give to your clients to drive traffic and generate leads. But even the best promotional giveaway ideas aren’t effective if they are not used effectively. Make sure your giveaway marketing campaign is a productive one by following the tips above. Your giveaways should give your prospects information they will find useful and value so they will return to you again. And in order for them to do so, make sure your giveaway marketing is giving them exactly what they are looking for – value!

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